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Louisiana Civil Litigation Attorneys

Your Partner In Litigation

Having an attorney who listens to and addresses your concerns can make a big difference in winning your case in or out of court. We at the Smith Law Firm make responding to our clients' questions a top priority. Whether you are thinking of suing someone for breach of contract or are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, we have the experience to see that your case gets resolved successfully.

Baton Rouge Small Business Compliance Attorneys

Our lawyers have helped many Louisiana businesses be more successful by complying with state and federal regulations. We assist our clients in gathering the right evidence and presenting it convincingly to the proper authorities to show compliance in a number of areas of regulation. They appreciate the time we take to explain the process to them and keep them up to date at every stage of court proceedings and administrative hearings.

If you are involved in a landlord-tenant conflict or other contract dispute, we will make sense of the contracts involved and let you know your rights as well as obligations. We always fight for our clients and know that keeping them well-informed about their legal options plays a large role in their satisfaction with the legal process. Not only do we want our clients to win their cases, but we also want them to feel good about the experience of bringing their case to court and getting a favorable result.

We also discuss with our clients when to consider settling out of court. In many cases, our clients can get most or everything they are seeking in litigation without having to invest the time and money required for a full trial. We use our litigation experience to determine when settling is a good option.

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The Baton Rouge civil litigation attorneys of the Smith Law Firm are proud to represent individuals and businesses throughout Louisiana. Contact our office online or call 225-224-0381 to schedule a consultation to discuss your civil litigation needs.

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