Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Before starting the Smith Law Firm, J. Arthur Smith, III was employed by the LSU Sea Grant Legal Program and as the Legal Associate for the Louisiana Advisory Counsel on Coastal and Marine Resources. In the latter position, he co-authored the first publication that described the problems facing Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. The publication was entitled “Louisiana Wetlands Prospects”. This study set forth recommendations for the protection of our wetlands and the prevention of their further loss and destruction.

Shortly thereafter, he founded his law firm in Baton Rouge. In one of his first cases, he served as lead counsel for the Louisiana Ecology Center and other environmental and conservation groups in successfully challenging the construction of a proposed interstate highway (I-410 or the “Dixie Freeway”), which was designed to facilitate the development of the wetlands surrounding New Orleans. His lawsuit was successful and resulted in the cancellation of the majority of the highway construction project as well as the significant modification of one leg of the interstate (I-310) by the mandated utilization of the best available technology for the construction of a highway in wetlands.

Mr. Smith has also successfully represented landowners in a number of environmental cases.

He served as Special Counsel for the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (“LDEQ”) and served as the Secretary’s representative on the Louisiana Law Institute Committee studying the procedural laws and regulations of the LDEQ and making recommendations for their revision and improvement.

Through the years, Mr. Smith has successfully handled several toxic tort litigations and has assisted small Louisiana businesses with environmental compliance.

If you are in need of an experienced environmental law attorney, Mr. Smith can represent you in:

  • Toxic Exposures
  • Injury/Death
  • Pollution
  • Environmental compliance

Laws That Protect Our Land and Our Families

In addition to the federal laws that control the way in which waste, pollution, and natural resources are handled, Louisiana has its own environmental laws which both individuals and businesses, large and small, must follow.

At the Smith Law Firm, We Help Protect Your Rights, Your Home, Our Earth

When corporations or private citizens damage our natural resources, leading to illness and injury to others, there must be justice. At the Smith Law Firm, we will handle your toxic exposure, pollution, or environmental compliance case with the passion and competence you expect in a trusted law firm.

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Representative Cases

Ecology Center of Louisiana Inc. v. Coleman, 515 ,

F.2d 860 (C.A.5 (La.) 1975) (environmental)

Ramsey River Rd. Property Owners Asso v. Reeves, Supreme Court of Louisiana,

Mar. 02, 1981, 396 So. 2d 873 (environmental)

Baton Rouge v. Hebert, Court of Appeal of Louisiana, First Circuit,

Nov. 12, 1979, 378 So. 2d 144 (environmental)

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